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Back in LA

I’ve been back in LA since the end of August for a family emergency. I came out here by myself and left Deanna in Italy. I won’t be returning to Italy until the middle of November which at the moment seems like an eternity.

While I’ve been back I’ve been able to pick up some games for Deanna and myself. We collect video games. Old and new. Currently we are working on: All the Playstation platforms (PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP), All Nintendo and Sega. I would love to get into the Neo-Geo. But that is going to have to wait for now.

I hit up a few garage sales last weekend and came away with a few games nothing too outstanding but cheaper than going to Game Dude. Hopefully this weekend I can go to a few more and check those out as well. I’m also planning on hitting up Frank and Sons which is a collectible swap meat with a few friends of mine.