Beckham to Milan…No Thank You.

I like Mr. Beckham I really do. He has been a favorite of mine for a number of years. But honestly what does Milan want or need him for. The only thing I can see him in Milan for is to sell shirts. Not that they aren’t selling enough shirts with Ronaldinho there.

Milan are a team that needs no more distractions or old legs. I say this but I can so easily see the red and black Milan kit with Beckhams name on the back. He’d have to choose a different number though since Ambrosini is 23 and Pato is 7. Even when Sheva came back he didn’t receive the number 7 again.

The loan or permanint move bothers me on a bunch of different levels. Milan need to be taking steps to make themselves better. To get back into Champions League and to win the Scudetto. Not bringing in a one trick circus. I live in Los Angeles and a circus is just what Milan will be getting with Beckham regardless if he is just there to train. It is a distraction that the team does not need.

I’ve said my piece about it for the moment but I’m sure I will be back on next weeks episode of Forza Futbol giving it a rant or two.


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